Connecting your Phone to FVCC Wi-Fi


Go to Settings, then select Wi-Fi.

Turn Wi-Fi on if need be.

Select FVCCNET from the list of networks.

Enter your username and password.

Tap Join. After a moment, you should be shown a

"Certificate" message, saying that is Not Verified.

 Tap the Accept button.

After a moment you should be connected to FVCCNET.


Android phones and tablets

Go to Settings.

Go to Wireless & networks.

Go to Wi-Fi settings.

Select FVCCNET from the list of networks.

Set the EAP method to PEAP.

Set Phase 2 authentication to MSCHAPV2.

In the Identity field, enter your username.

Skip the Anonymous ID field.

In the Password field, enter your password.



For additional info on connecting to Wi-Fi scan this

or go to website listed below.