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Turn OFF (or ON) Pop-up Blocking in Browsers

Pop-Up Blocker in Internet Explorer and Other Browsers

Information is given for 3 common browsers used at FVCC: "Internet Explorer", "Mozilla Firefox", and "Chrome".

Every browser may be different, in where to TURN OFF or TURN ON the Pop-Up Blocker. It may also be different in older or newer versions of the browsers shown here.
(If you use another browser you should look in its HELP info).

"Internet Explorer" is shown here:
Be sure the MENU BAR at the top is turned ON and shown in the browser ...
Click "TOOLS" ... Move your mouse down to Pop-up Blocker and a second menu will display ...
Click "Turn off Pop-up Blocker" and all websites will allow Pop-ups.
... (NOTE: If the Pop-up Blocker is OFF, then "Turn on Pop-up Blocker" will be displayed and you can Click it to turn ON and Block Pop-ups.)

Internet Explorer Pop-up Option Screen [png graphic]

Mozilla Firefox

"Mozilla Firefox" is shown here:
Be sure the MENU BAR at the top is turned ON and shown in the browser ...

Click "TOOLS" ... Move your mouse down and Click "Options" ... then the sidebar options will display on the left ...
Move your mouse down and Click "Content".
Click the check-box under "Pop-ups" to Turn them OFF or ON.

The option "Block pop-up windows" will have a CHECK in the box when the Blocker is ON.

Click the check-box to make it BLANK and the Blocker is OFF and Pop-ups are allowed.
Mozilla Firefox Pop-up Screen [png graphic]


Google "Chrome" is shown here:
Click the Settings Icon in the top right of the address bar (it looks like 3 stacked DOTS) to display a similar dropdown list to the one shown.

Move the mouse down in the list and Click "Settings", ... when the Settings window displays, Scroll to the bottom of the list and find and Click "Advanced"

Scroll down on the next display and find and Click "Content settings" .
.. Then in the Content settings display ... scroll, find, and Click "Popups" .

Then you can "Allow " all Popups with the slide control on the right,
.. Or Turn them OFF,
... Or Block a particular website,
.... Or Allow specific websites such as FVCC's Student Portal when you
enter "https://cams1.fvcc.edu".

Exit Settings when finished.
Google's Chrome  Pop-up Screens [png graphic]

Management Information Systems